Wissahickon Restoration Volunteers (WRV) is dedicated to the restoration of the natural areas of Wissahickon Valley Park in Philadelphia.

Our programs consist of ecological restoration, education, community involvement, research, and advocacy.

Relying on individual volunteers and partnering groups (schools, religious groups, service organizations, etc.), we remove invasive vegetation, plant a mix of native trees and shrubs, and remove trash. Over the years, thousands of trees and shrubs have been planted, countless amounts of exotic invasive plant species have been removed, and our work has only begun. Check out our events page to see how you can help!

To accomplish our ambitious goals, your support is critical. Our members help us purchase more trees or tools, and fund WRV operations.

Thank you! Your donation will help keep the Wissahickon green and diverse, and all donations are Tax deductible.

We look forward to seeing you in the Wissahickon!


WRV is a member-supported nonprofit dedicated to protecting and improving the natural environment of the Wissahickon.

Please join us in keeping our beloved Wissahickon green and diverse for future generations.

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