Monastery Stables

Gene Bishop Memorial Project

In memory of long-time Wissahickon supporter Gene Bishop, this ecological restoration project included removal of invasive species and planting a mix of canopy and understory trees that are native to the Wissahickon.   The site for the restoration is along a trail near Monastery Stables in Mt. Airy. Volunteers working in ten-person crews removed invasive exotic plants and planted 40 native trees and shrubs representing 12 species, including gray birch, bigtooth aspen, and American elderberry.

COVID-19 Update

Due to social distancing restrictions, we are not leading large volunteer crews into the Wissahickon at this time. However, we are trying smaller crews with appropriate safety measures.

And we are continuing our mission in other ways such as by Restoring the Wissahickon One Tree at a Time. Read more >>> 

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