Above: A little rain doesn’t stop the Wissahickon Restoration Volunteers!

Sam Ozer Project Featured in Weavers Way Shuttle

Weavers Way Coop recently featured WRV’s Sam Ozer Project in their monthly newspaper The Shuttle…. Read all about it >>>




Wineberry: An Invasive Plant That’s Also Delicious!

Wineberries are invasive plants that we remove from the Wissahickon whenever we can. In this guest blog post, one of our Restoration Stewards makes the case for picking the berries before removing the plant. Read how our own Neva Guido uses wineberries to make pies, jams, cordials, and ‘funfetti’ cake… Read more >>>

Growing Forest Stewards in the WRV Ecological Restoration Leadership Program

To encourage young people to get involved in urban ecology and to cultivate volunteer leaders that reflect the diversity of Philadelphia, WRV has launched the 2021 Ecological Restoration Leadership Program, giving high school students the opportunity to become “forest stewards”… Read more >>>

Potentially Problematic Plants in the Wissahickon

WRV has launched a project aimed at tracking new problematic plants of the Wissahickon. The purpose is to get a handle on non-natives that seem to have sprung up only recently, and to determine whether or not these species might establish themselves at the risk of native plant populations… Read more >>>

Tracking 20 Years of Data

Since 1997 WRV has planted over 4,000 trees and shrubs.  In order to track the data related to these restoration efforts, we have recently begun tagging all the trees that we plant, as well as attempting to locate and tag the trees we have planted in the past. … Read more >>>

The Sam Ozer Memorial Project

In October 2020 volunteers began to clear invasive exotic plants from a new site along the trail between Historic Rittenhousetown and Blue Bell. Now, in an area that had once been blanketed by a dense monoculture of Japanese knotweed, a small forest – Sam’s Forest – is beginning to grow… Read more >>>

WRV Statement in Support of Black Lives Matter

WRV supports the goals of the Black Lives Matter movement to end violence against Black people and to build a society “where every Black person has the social, economic, and political power to thrive.” That is only possible when Black people can live without fear of violence… Read more >>>

Restoring the Wissahickon One Tree at a Time

We aren’t going to let the constraints of social distancing in this age of COVID-19 stop us from continuing our mission. We are venturing into the Wissahickon in one-person crews to plant trees and remove invasive plants, as well as gathering data and checking on previous restoration projects from years past… Read more >>>


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