Donate to the Gene Bishop Fund

WRV is accepting donations for a special restoration project in the Wissahickon in honor of Gene Bishop, an active supporter of the Wissahickon, who passed away in March. The project is a collaboration among WRV, volunteers from Friends of the Wissahickon, and Philadelphia Parks and Recreation.

Components of the project include restoration of a complement of native trees to an area near Monastery Stables where Gene loved to walk, in addition to a trail re-routing to improve the sustainability of the foot trail in the area. Learn more about this project and sign up to be volunteer for a restoration volunteer shift>>>

Donate to the Gene Bishop Fund


WRV is a member-supported nonprofit dedicated to protecting and improving the natural environment of the Wissahickon.

Please join us in keeping our beloved Wissahickon green and diverse for future generations.

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