Donate to the Sam Ozer Fund

WRV is accepting donations for a special restoration project in the Wissahickon in honor of Sam Ozer, who passed away in June.

Samuel Forest Ozer loved the Wissahickon…OK, he loved going fast, on his bike, through the Wissahickon. Help create Samuel’s Forest, a grove that will, in time, fill a hole in the canopy of one of the park’s natural areas.

Your contribution will be used to purchase trees and to maintain them during their first few growing seasons so they will become well-established.

Phase 1, this October, will see 36 new woodies – a combination of canopy and understory trees planted in the grove. All plants will be native and meet the high standards of the Wissahickon Restoration Volunteers.

Volunteer shifts for this project are now available! Work will take place Friday- Sunday, October 9-11, with two shifts available each day: 10:00-12:00 and 2:00-4:00. For each two-hour session we would like a maximum of 8 volunteers to work with our crew leaders. Sign up here for a volunteer shift!

Donate to the Sam Ozer Fund

COVID-19 Update

Due to social distancing restrictions, we are not leading large volunteer crews into the Wissahickon at this time. However, we are trying smaller crews with appropriate safety measures.

And we are continuing our mission in other ways such as by Restoring the Wissahickon One Tree at a Time. Read more >>> 

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