Generous Donor Offers $1,000 Match to Fund WRV’s Ecological Restoration Leadership Program in 2024

Above: Rick Hock (in orange vest) on a recent volunteer session with WRV. Rick is supporting WRV with a donation of $1,000 and asks you to join him!

In 2024 WRV will continue its paid training program for Philadelphia high school students, the Ecological Restoration Leadership Program (ERLP). Read about our previous ERLP program here. This program trains Philadelphia high school students in restoration, in both classroom and field sessions. Students who successfully complete the program are paid a stipend and then are eligible to work for WRV as independent contractors.


When WRV supporter Rick Hock heard about the ERLP program, he was so enthusiastic, he made a $1,000 donation to WRV and invited other WRV supporters to match it.

Rick is a longtime volunteer with several community and environmental organizations in Northwest Philly. He recently assisted in the creation of the Mt. Airy Ecolab, a major collaborative effort at SEPTA’s Carpenter Station to create a community resource hub around nature-based play, cultivate food, and help our urban ecosystem.

Rick’s donation to the ERLP fund is an invitation for other WRV supporters to make our program for high school students a success. Join him and DONATE HERE.


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Please join us in keeping our beloved Wissahickon green and diverse for future generations.

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