VOLUNTEER SIGN-UP: “New” Invasive Removal at Houston Meadow

“New” Invasive Removal Sign-up Sheet

Along with removing the same old Japanese knotweed and devil’s walking stick and so on, we are trying to get the jump on emerging invasives before they become problematic.  Spearheading this WRV program is Philadelphia Botanical Club Field Trip Coordinator and past president Janet Novak, who has identified Liriope (lilyturf) as one of these “new” invasives in the Wisshahickon. So come on out and help us prevent this new invasive from becoming widespread!

Let’s remove some liriope from Houston Meadow!

We will contact you with details as the date approaches (you will also get some automated reminders). Note: you will be asked to provide your email address and phone number, rest assured this information will not be visible or shared with anyone else!

Thank you for reading! Please consider supporting our work. Your donation will help keep the Wissahickon green and diverse, and all donations are Tax deductible.

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